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Kind Words

I have never had such a good customer service experience in my life. Lana and Laura are a gift to humankind. They completely transformed my home from a 1990s disaster into a 2020 modern dream home - all within my limited budget. They have a great sense of humour and calm, which put me at ease throughout. Their natural intuition allowed them to express "me" far better that I ever could! Prairie Beach House far exceeded my expectations and I could not recommend these ladies enough. I will NEVER embark on any kind of home renovation project without consulting Lana and Laura first.
-Hayley H.
We were so happy with our consultation! You girls are the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth, that it felt like money well spent.
-Genny F. 
You have been such an invaluable resource in helping us design and style our spaces. Thank you so much for taking the time to be part of this process... We are so grateful!
Working with these ladies was so easy. They were so helpful picking out accessories that I would never have thought of but absolutely love and the best part was it was in my budget. I’d highly recommend working with them.
-Camille L.
Lana and Laura are incredible humans behind this brand, and it is their hearts, generosity, passion, energy and drive to empower women to raise each other up and create a lifestyle by design, a side by design (as interior designers - who are more than just that!!!). They inspire through love, and turn tragedy into greater good. Thank you ladies for being you!!
-Rosalyn F.
There isn't enough words in the English language to describe these two QUEENS! I am so happy with my purchase and their expertise! I HIGHLY recommend them for home decor & design along with brand in clothing and accessories. If anything at all, get on their WOMAN UP TRAIN... because we all can do so much better, TOGETHER!
-Maria M.